Our beneficiaries are the backbone of our organization and their willingness to receive has enriched the Spirit of Giving to numerous people around the world. 

Read some of their testimonials

“I thank God for what you all are doing and may He add you with prosperities so that you may be able to reach more people.”  Rosaline Chia Mwangora

“I am thanking our teacher Mrs. R. W. Kigano for her goodness in teaching us, and may God help you all and your families for helping us, we who do not have anything and even sometimes we sleep hungry.”  Margaret Njeri

“Since I have four disabled brothers in my home place, I would like very much to help them in the future.  I will always remember you Mrs. Kigano for this training because many have the willingness to learn but money is the problem.  I thank you very much because you are offering it for free.  May God bless you so that you may help many.”  Irene Karimi

“I also pray to God that He may continue blessing all the Likii Tender Hearts supporters and also add many days to our teacher Mrs. Kigano.” Gladys Wanjugu  

“I am very happy because when I came here I didn’t know anything.  I thank our teacher Mrs. Kigano who devoted to teach us for free.”  Catherine Njeri

“I pray for our teacher, Mrs. Kigano who has devoted herself in teaching us even some who didn’t go to school, until we understood.  God bless you.”  Alice Wanjiku

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