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​Likii Tender Hearts is excited to be sharing our skills in Supply Chain as a fund-raising initiative to help meet our beneficiaries needs.  

Now that you have achieved your dream of owning a business and have watched it grow to a successful and competitive firm, you realize the room for expansion is inexhaustible. There are numerous areas that will require attention with the possibility of introducing new or improving the existing process. There are several areas in the supply chain that are critical to the success of an organization. Our consultant will work with you to improve those areas that are blocking the growth of your company. Tell us which areas we can be of help.

Forecast accuracy is critical to an organization. It predicts material, products, services requirement, and any strategic changes, such as developing new markets, products or services, and expanding or creating new facilities.

Demand Planning
The coordination and control of all sources of demand is vital so the productive system can be used efficiently and product is delivered on time. 

Supply Planning
This is the managing of the entire flow of information, materials, and services from raw materials suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customer.

Inventory Control
For most companies inventory is the biggest asset on the balance sheet and when you bring down inventory it means there is more income for the company

Capacity Planning
Any amount of output that a system is capable of achieving over a specific period of time is termed as capacity. It is imperative that both input and output are looked into because capacity depends on what is produced. Production capacity is affected by facilities, equipment, processing methods, labor, and supplies. 

Production Planning
Production planning brings together the entire planning infrastructure from the demand to supply by utilizing the raw materials, tools, and workforce to fulfill customer orders

Scheduling involves the flow of work order on the production floor. It is critical for an organization to know the difference between infinite and finite schedule. Infinite scheduling assigns work to a work center based on what is needed overtime, while finite schedule is much more complex and detailed and looks at the resources and in particular the set-up and run time for each work center.

Supply Chain Solution