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Staffing Solutions
Our staffing services will be involved in helping our community fill positions within different industries.  

Job Seekers
For job seekers, we will work together to fix your resumes and help you with interview preparation. You will have the ability to view and apply to numerous job openings that will be posted in our website.  
For employers, we will work together to match the best talents for open positions within your organization.  Your organization will have the ability to use our website as a job search engine for job seekers and the option to post open positions within your organization.  We will offer job screening services through e-verify before submitting any resume or candidate for your consideration. 

To offer the best staffing solutions for both employer and employee, Likii Tender Hearts Management will concentrate on industries and positions that match their experience and qualifications.  


Both Jane and Lucy have extensive experience in hospitality industries.

​Likii Tender Hearts will help job seekers and employers to fill the following positions:

Supply Chain Management Personnel
Event Planners/Managers
Sales and Marketing
Customer Service
Please let us know how we can be of assistance in meeting your job seeking or staffing needs.

Pharmaceutical, Skin Care, Cosmetic, Toy, Retail, Technology, Electronic, Non-profit, Charitable organizations, Online Learning

Lucy Kigano has over 11 years of Supply Chain Management experience attained from working within electronics, pharmaceutical, skin care, toy, and, cosmetic industries. In addition she has 21 years of global administration experience and has volunteered her services for non-profit and charitable organizations for 17 years.
Healthcare staffing services

Jane Kigano has worked in the health industry as a CNA for the past 12 years. She has held positions within Adult Family Homes, taking care of individual clients in their home, and, nursing homes. In addition she has extensive customer service experience and has volunteered her services for non-profit and charitable organization for over 10 years.