​Free home-craft training
LTH continues to offer free training in dressmaking, knitting, crocheting and woodwork.  The learning center is located within the Kigano's Farm a distance of 3km from Likii village.  We project an increase of student enrollment after initiating an awareness strategy in Likii Village and its environs.  For those interested in enrolling for classes, please download our admission form.

Sponsor a child in need
In 2012 LTH met with the principal of Likii Special School and discussed the need to sponsor children with physical and mental challenges meet their boarding fees and daily hygiene upkeep.  This program invites you to commit $35 once every 3-months to help cover this need.  Please complete the Sponsor a Child form and email it back to info@likiitenderhearts.org, or mail a hard-copy to:  Likii Tender Hearts: 8007 E. Cataldo Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99212.    

Wazee Umoja Group
Wazee Umoja Group's is a project of LTH and the elderly beneficiaries that is focused in offering assistance to the elderly populations that can no longer participate in our free programs due to age.   They are seeking assistance from the government and well-wishers to fulfill their desire to build a home for the elderly.  Peninah Njeri (pictured here in red) and is LTH coordinator has been instrumental in participating with government officials on behalf of the group for the purpose of seeking a plot for the construction of the elderly home.  

Welcoming the stranger in our midst
Some of our beneficiaries are unable to participate in our programs due to old age, struggling to start over due to lack of jobs, and, young unprepared mothers, prompting us to build a small home to help them start over. The home is now 50% complete and we are reaching out for cash donations to complete the interior part of the home. It is our hope that this humble beginning will expand to more homes that will provide a fresh start to those in need.

LTH Dancing Group
Several of our elderly women and men beneficiaries have found a new way of curbing depression by performing to a Kikuyu traditional dance called Mwomboko. They will be entertaining at government and community events. Beside using the dance as a way to fight depression, they hope to receive funds from well-wishers for their entertainment. LTH has provided them with dance uniforms, a practice area, and help in booking events. You can support them by inviting them to perform at your social and professional events. Please complete and submit the booking form.  We are grateful of B'Ware Recording Studio, a non-governmental organization located in Nanyuki for producing the groups first video.

Drama Club
LTH is introducing a Drama Club at the request of the young men and women within the community. We are fortunate to have a talented young graduate from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, who has offered to provide acting lessons to our students on voluntary basis. We trust and remain hopeful that the local government will provide us with a space, e.g. social hall, where these young men and women can showcase their acting skills to the community. The plays can be part of the fundraising program for schools, hospital and other humanitarian events.
A start date has yet to be determined but we are accepting application forms for consideration to the Drama Club.  Application form

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