Likii Tender Hearts has come a long way from the time it was holding classes in the local Chief’s official compound onwhich we are greatly appreciative, to our current location in Kigano’s farm. The support from our beneficiaries inSpokane, WA. has made it possible to construct a 500 sq.ft. building which houses a classroom and office area. We also constructed a 400 sq.ft. building that serves as a mini warehouse but is in the process of being converted to a production area for our beneficiaries to transfer their skills to saleable items. This is where Tony Kigano and his fiancéeKristy from Hercules, CA., paid a short and informative visit and took some beautiful pictures with some of our beneficiaries who were attending their weekly free training. Tony recorded a brief introductory video of Likii Tender Hearts foundation and purpose. The video will be shared with their associates at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, CA. This truly proves that the spirit of giving and sharing continues to grow.

Fulfilling The Spirit of Giving and Sharing
Gladys Wanjugu was born in 1973 in Karatina, Nyeri County where she lived with her parents and siblings.She came to Likii Village, Laikipia County in 2006. Before her move to Likii Village she worked at various places including the Nyayo Tea Zones. In 1993 she completed her high school education from General China Secondary School and sat for Kenya School Certificate Education examination, (KSCE) but because of lack of funds she could not pay her school fees or the fees to have a final transcript released and thus was unable to continue with higher education.  At the same time her younger sister was also in 12th grade and was unable to get her transcript for the same reason. The only solution left for Wanjugu was to work as a farm-hand for the next 13 years. While in school, she excelled in science subjects, but this interest was placed on hold.

She traveled to Nanyuki to work as a nanny at a children’s day care in Likii Village where she lasted for 3 months. She was earning Kshs. 1000 a month or $10, and was able to save the entire amount because she was staying in the premises and received food. She moved out and rented asmall room for a month where she paid $4. 

Before her move to Nanyuki she had given birth to 3
children and her goal was to work hard to meet their needs.  A former schoolmate offered her free shelter at her cousin’s house and
later helped her get a job at Likii Flower Farm. Her pay jumped from $10 to $50 a month, but she was laid off after a month. Life became very difficult after this and finding herself at a crossroad she decided to go back to contracting at various farms in Nanyuki. She once again became a farm-hand where she worked from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM for $0.80. To help with survival she started selling vegetables that she had bought at the open market. She would set-up a small make-shift spread a sack on the ground where she would place her vegetables, and spread a sack on the  ground where she would place her vegetables, and at the end of the day she would take home about $2.00. She continued doing this for the next three years. 

In 2009 she got married and would stay married for the next 5 years. During this time she came to know of Likii Tender Hearts from her cousin who informed her that the Non-Government Organization (NGO) was offering free dressmaking courses. It was a challenging time for her but she was determined to learn a skill that would help in making life better for her family and herself. After 5 months she was able to make clothes and knitting simple sweaters. Meanwhile she continued to contract at various farms and attending Likii Tender Hearts learning center twice a week for 10 hours. At the end of the course LTH presented her with a sewing machine to start a small business with the new skill she had acquired. She relies on friends for a knitting machine which helps in fulfilling any knitting orders and prays that one day she will be able to afford one for herself.

Today Wanjugu is able to earn a living making clothes for children and adults including school uniforms.She has raised her 3 children and her 1st born child just enrolled in college which means that she was able to pay all costs for his final transcript to be released. Her son is 21 years old and has decided to study electronic engineering at a local college in Nanyuki town. The fee for a full year is $450. He had been accepted at another college which is a distance away and much more expensive. Her 2nd born is in grade 9 and the youngest girl is in grade 7.

In a month Wanjugu is able to earn $50 from her dressmaking business, $50 from a vegetable stand, and, $20 from other resourcesa huge increase from her initial $0.60 as a farm-hand in Karatina and $0.80 in Nanyuki. I sat with Wanjugu when I was last in Kenya in June 2016, and she told me of her interest of returning back to school   

with hopes of pursuing a higher education with a concentration in chemistry. I encouraged her to call General China Secondary School and arrange how she can have her certificate or transcripts released so she can apply to college. This will be instrumental in improving her lifestyle and that of her family. 

Wanjugu is a petit woman who has a pronounced limp because one of her leg is shorter that the other. She has played a greatrole in fulfilling our mission of creating a spirit of giving and today spends 10 hours at LTH Learning Center teaching new students the skills that she acquired from our free training.

You can help Wanjugu in owning a knitting machine by making a cash donation or donating a new or used machine.
Partnering for Success
Likii Tender Hearts spirit of giving and sharing has expanded to other communities within Laikipia County to as far as Nairobi and Eastern Counties. 

We have been showcasing a multitude of talent from individuals and groups alike with the hope of
finding a global market for them.  Here are some of the beautiful products that are available for sale. We urge you to support and advance their talent by visiting and purchasing some of their beautiful work of art from our online store.
The Kenyan Wild.
Kikuyu Women
Kikuyu Homestead
Drama Club Program
Several years ago some of the young men and women from Likii Village approached our Director, Reuben Kigano with the suggestion to introduce
a Drama Club as part of the many programs we offer to the community. 

Today their request is being revisited and there is a 95% probability of the program launching within
the next 3 months.

Jarviz Lunalo who is a former Theatre student from Whitworth University, Spokane, WA., has shown an interest in coaching these young men  
and women on voluntary basis which has motivated Reuben to start enrolling students into the program. We are fortunate to have a vast and quiet location for training. We pray and trust that this new program will attract many young people and jump-start their career.

We plan to work closely with the local government and church groups to provide us with a hall where these young aspiring actors can showcase their talents.
Meanwhile, your support in making this program a success is desperately needed. Your donations in the form or literature, acting and play-acting making materials such as costumes,stands, posters, cameras and film-camera videos are greatly appreciated.

It is our intent and our vision to construct a mini theater in the future where the community can come together and enjoy and support the talent of these young population.
Kenyan/American Annual Dinner
For the past 9 years, Likii Tender Hearts together with our Spokane Supporters and in particular the faith community of St.John Vianney Catholic Church have enjoyed a Kenyan/American Dinner held once year in the month of December. Due to
numerous events during the Advent season in the Parish, we thought it best to move up the dinner to the month of October.  This is the fall season with beautiful weather, abundance of colors, and enjoying a good meal with dear friends is the best way to show our appreciation in such peaceful surroundings. The dinner is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 6:00PM—8:00PM at St. John Vianney Catholic Church Parish Hall. You are invited to drop in as early as 3:00PM for browsing
and shopping of our beautiful products from Kenya. This year a gift will be waiting for each of our guests.
Pilau/Biryani Rice: Likii Tender Hearts Style

Basmati Rice 2 cups
Pilau/Biryani paste 2 tbls or spice tolerance
Onion 1
Garlic/ginger paste 1 tbls
Tomatoe 2 medium
Hot water 5 cups
Vegetable oil 2 tbls
Salt to taste

Pilau/Biryani sauce

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add the onion and let it cook until it is golden brown. Add tomatoes,
garlic/ginger paste, pilau or biryani paste and salt . Continue cooking and add the pilau
or biryani paste until you attain your spice tolerance. Set it aside.

Cooking Rice
Place the rice in an oven safe glass dish and then pour the sauce and hot water over the rice.
Mix them well and then cover with a foil paper. Set the oven at 400° and bake the rice for
30 minutes. Remove it from the oven as soon as it is ready to avoid overcooking. Enjoy
with your favourite sauce or stew.
Likii Village Movie Theater
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