Spirit of Giving

There are those who are fortunate to have found the resources  and inspiration to keep persevering through challenges to make their dreams become a reality, but for those not as fortunate become discouraged and unwilling to keep hope alive. By getting involved in Likii Tender Hearts (LTH), a non-profit organization that builds a spirit of giving to victims and families impacted by AIDS, poverty, depression, alcohol, drug abuse, and other debilitating diseases in Likii Village, Kenya, the management of LTH has come to realize how imperative it is to utilize one's unique talents to make positive changes in a community.  Through the various projects, auctions, and events that the organization has put together, the people of Likii now have found the resources to make it possible to feed their children, give them an education, find jobs, and to know that although they are victims of unfortunate circumstances, their faith, hope and determination has been the driving force in creating a Spirit of Giving and Sharing for Likii Tender Hearts and its supporters.  

Before LTH was created the victims impacted by these unfortunate circumstances felt worthless, to the point of becoming suicidal.  LTH has given them a new lease in life bringing with it a deeper meaning of “Spirit of Giving”, which is sharing our knowledge and unique talents with others and not keeping it to ourselves. It also means to give back to our communities by creating programs that will assist them in reaching their dreams.  After 7 years of hard work coupled with incredible tenacity, our beneficiaries are confident to showcase their products in the global market.  In the Spirit of Giving, LTH has taken the role of promoting and marketing these products via our online store.  LTH has also expanded our Spirit of Giving to include products made by various talented people throughout Kenya.  

Join our selfless cause and make a difference to millions of people throughout the world.

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Spirit of Giving
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